Things to do in Orchha

The main attraction of Orchha is the Orchha Fort complex, located on an island on river Betwa .the fort houses many palaces and temples, the three most important ones are Jahangir Mahal, , Raj Mahal and Rai Parveen Mahal.

  • Jahangir Mahal: The greatest gift of life is friendship. Vir Singh Deo was the king of the 17th century who constructed the glorious Jahangir Mahal for the one-day visit of his friend, Mughal emperor Jahangir.It has classic Mughal architecture and became a citadel for the Mughals. The domes are built as per the Timurid customs and lawns and gates are massive enough for elephants to enter. The front wall of the Mahal is covered with turquoise tiles and is famous for its artistic balconies, rooms and arched courtyards. This 17 th century masterpiece has flawless architecture, with decorative murals of GODS, PEOPLE AND ANIMALS .The windows and arcade passages are so designed that sunlight entering the palace creates different temperatures throughout the day. there are many secret passages here to explore!!.
  • Rai Praveen Mahal: The two-storey building is surrounded with a large garden. The Mahal is covered with beautiful paintings. This Mahal was built by Emperor Akbar to honor the loyalty of Rai Praveen towards Raja Indramani, after being astounded by a couplet recited by the poetess.
  • Saaket Museum: It is popular for its Ramayana themed artwork in various local art styles. The director of Adivasi Lok Kala academy, Kapil Tiwari, started this museum. The museum is home to a number of crowns, masks and costumes from Ramleela and Ramkatha. It also has a collection of Mithila paintings, which are made using paint prepared from cow’s milk.


Rafting on River Betwa: It is one of the tributary of Yamuna and an intrinsic part of Orchha. The river is also named as vetravati and Suktimati. The river has historical significance because of its repeated mention in the Mahabharata. The river is 590km long from its origin to its confluence with Yamuna. Its turbulent rapids. The river flows along the beautiful Chhattris and through the Orchha wildlife Sanctuary.


Phool Bagh: The lush green royal garden is a summer retreat for all the kings of Orchha. It is a memorial created for Dinman Hardaul, one of the princes of Orchha who died a martyr to prove his innocence to his elder brother. It is also connected to a beautiful fountain, Chandan Katora, which makes it a resourceful system for water ventilation. It also houses the Persian designed Sawan Bhadon towers which give a cooling effect to the place.


Sheesh Mahal: It is lined with Raja Mahal and Jahangir Mahal on either side. It has recently been converted into a hotel but was first built for King Udait Singh. The place of mirrors has gotten rid of all the Persian rugs and antiques but gives a panoramic view from the terrace and a sense of royalty. The place now has well furnished rooms and is famous for its Indian and Chinese cuisines restaurant. It has become a perfect blend of old world charm and contemporary facilities.


Ram Raja Temple: It has a pink and tangerine dome, where Rama is worshipped as a king and attracts huge devotees around the year It has a fort structure with multifaceted arches and a calm atmosphere for meditation.Legend says that when the idols of Lord Rama were to be installed in the Chaturbhurj temple, (which was under construction), the idols were kept in the queens Palace for sometime.Later, when people tried to move the idols, they could not budge them from their spot..The idols were then left there and a temple constructed around them. The temple is specially guarded and to honor LORD Rama, a gun salute is given daily.


Chaturbhuj Temple: It was built by Raja Madhukar for Lord Rama but then dedicated to lord Vishnu with four arms. The mystical charm and grandness of the temple attracts many religious devotees. The wonderful arched balconies, detailed carvings and a plethora of sculptures are arranged beautifully in the seven-storey temple. It has a unique style of architecture as it is built on a raised platform and is inspired by the European Cathedral style of architecture.


Laxmi Temple: A flawless combination of fort and temple architecture, made with Lime mortar and bricks.  It is dedicated to goddess Laxmi but there is no idol of the goddess in the temple. There are detailed geometrical patterns in the carvings, mural paintings and descriptions of the life of Krishna inside the temple. It is connected to the Raja Ram temple and has various mysterious features, one being the canon slots on the roof of the temple.


Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary: Established in 1994, this   sanctuary, is one of the top tourist destinations here. Some of the animals found here are leopards, blue bull, sloth bear and tigers. The place is a delight for bird watchers, as nearly 200 species are found here. The migratory birds visiting here are kingfisher, woodpecker, black swan, geese, and jungle bush quail. The Natural reserve lies at the junction of the river Betwa and Jamni.


Kayaking in Betwa River: It’s the most adventurous sports activity that the Betwa river offers. There are Grade 1 and Grade 2 rapids here, which gives additional thrill. It gives the sports lovers a closer look along the boundary of the Orchha Natural Reserve and they can also spot the 14 Chattris that stand tall and reflect in the river.


Light and Sound Show at Orchha Fort: The enthralling history of Orchha is brought out beautifully at the light and sound show at Orchha Fort. There is melodious mix of music and laser lights that depicts the history of Bundela dynasty.At the same time the brilliance of India architecture is clearly visible in the digital show.